Starting a new project can be overwhelming, especially when your role includes a great deal of organization. Fortunately, we've created this employee training portal to help you navigate the system as easily as possible. Here are some helpful guidelines that will make the process a true success:

  • Don't get ahead of yourself

We know you will want to read ahead, but it really does stick much better if you go through this training thoroughly and step by step.

  • Clear some time

This training takes about an hour to get through if you follow each and every one of the steps in order. Be sure to clear some time when you know you can really focus on the material. The ability of our advocates and employees to understand and follow directions thoroughly is critical to the success of our program.

  • Track along

For the best possible results, track along by logging into your own google account and exploring each of the documents and folders with us as we go. We've included step by step directions and short tutorial videos each and every step of the way. Remember, if you ever feel lost you can always re-visit this training at any time. 

  • Follow up

When you are done with the training, contact Mary at info@sativascienceclub.com and set up a time for a phone call. This is just to answer any questions and make sure that you are feeling 100% supported in your work. 


Ready. Set. Let's Go! 

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