Terp Table Training


Of course, the goal of all of this outreach is to get a local business to sponsor a Terp-Table Pop-Up. If a business in your outreach cluster would like to host a Terp-Table event, follow the planning guidelines described below:

  1. Create a new Terp-Table folder wit the following tite:


  2. Go to your Copy Me folder and select the Terp-Table planning and Terp-Table Sponsorship documents.  
  3. Fill out the Terp-Table planning document with the event time/date/and any additional details
  4. Next, go to our team folder and check out our Merch On Hand spreadsheet. If you see any march you would like to reserve, send a detailed request to Mary. In this email, be sure to include a request for any marketing collateral or informative handouts as well.
  5. Determine what we have and what we need before you begin sending.....


Once we have secured a location we can get a detailed list of all the brands that the shop carries and send them the following template:

“Dear [Donor’s Name], 

As you may have seen in our recent newsletter, our monthly Terp-Table Pop-Up will take place on (date) at (location). These activities are a great excuse to get us out and about in the community sharing bite-sized pieces of information. If you would like for us to feature your merch as a small prize, gift, or giveaway, we are looking for sponsorships of all shapes and sizes. 

Not only will you receive a long list of amazing perks, but your contribution will help us offer 100% free, fun, and engaging activities designed specifically to create an educated and informed community. 

Check out our sponsorship kit below for details.

>Get the Kit Here<


(Title), Sativa Science Club

P.S enjoy our latest webinar FREE: 20 Collaboration Concepts”

If they read this letter and accept, they will submit their sponsorship online and receive the following auto responder email.

“Hey there (____),

I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your contribution to our Terp-Table initiative. Your generosity will have a major impact on helping us crush the stigma of cannabis medicine in a true and lasting way. 

We are busy bees at the moment but we will touch base soon to confirm the details. Feel free to reach out if you need anything in the meantime! 


Mary Jane Poppins
Founder, Sativa Science Club”

We must raise a minimum of $1,500 in order to cover the cost of our time and print outs. continue to send sponsorship requests manually to individual companies until we have acomplished this goal. 


Once you have all raised enough in sponsorship you can email Mary. From here we will create social media ads, add the announcement to our press kit, and prepare to make public listings. We will then add this info to our newsletter and social media accounts so all you have to do is chat about it on social media.  

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