Day-Of The Event


Before you conduct your terp-table event you will need to reach out to the host and determine how many people we can expect to see. Once we have an idea of their traffic, we can purchase the necessary materials.  

You will always need to coordinate directly with Mary to obtain (our default order):


These materials fit into two large tote bins and should be able to fit easily into the average small sized trunk.


Always arrive at the event 30-60 minuets early to meet the manager on staff and set up. You will want to find an area that is in an open area so you do not create a bottle neck in the retail environment. Make certain that you are very thoughtful and tidy in the way you arrange your materials.

Keep the Terp-Table clear of clutter and hide the tote-boxes behind the tablecloth. Be sure to provide a waste paper basket or keep a paper bag nearby to remove any small bits that make their way onto the table.

Please, always eat when you are hungry but do be curtious and inquire as to the guidelines of the business you are visiting. Always try to find a discrete place to keep food or drinks while you are tabling. 


Remember that our goal as advocates is never to sell. We are only around to make friends and provide education. If people sponsor our cause or take a training it is just a happy bonus. Allow people t0 come to you, but make it clear that you want to communicate with them by prominently displaying table signage and keeping a positive and up-beet attitude. 


Be sure to leave smaller trinkets and gifts on the table for your guests to take home, but save the larger items for contest winners. As people approach your table, greet them with the Train Your Nose Challenge:

  1. Start with 4 individual terpene isolates.
  2. Ask the contestant to take some time to smell each terpene and commit to memory its properties.
  3. Allow them to sniff the coffee beans in between to naturalize the odor.
  4. After they feel confident that they know all 4 of the terpenes, mix them up and and hide the labels or ask the contestant to put on a blind fold. 
  5. If the contestant can identify all 4 terpenes and their properties they win a small prize.
  6. Once they win a 'small' prize you can increase the difficulty, introduce the other 4 terpene isolates and challenge the person to identify all 8 terpenes and their properties blind folded.
  7. If they master this, give them a 'medium' prize, whip out your phone, and brag about them by name on social media.
  8. Finally, challange them to identify the terpenes inside of a cannabis chemovar isolate. If they are able to accurately identify the terpenes in a flower, they are entered to win the grand prize which will be announced at the end of the day on social media. 
  9. Make sure they follow you and Sativa Science Club to find out!
Mary J PoppynsComment