Lesson One: Your Google Folders


SSC-Safe Planning 

While SSC Advocates are tasked with reaching out to dispensaries, SSC-Safe coordinators are our front line B2B connection with Cannabis producers, processors, and extractors.  

SSC-Safe coordinators are basically a cross between an event-planner and an Advocate with the ultimate goal of persuading business owners and decision makers that we are a worthwhile investment and an ideal promotional partner.  


Planning outreach

As Sativa Science Club grows, It will become increasingly important to keep track of who we have contacted and what communities are already aware of our services. In order to make the most of our time and resources, we will need to stay highly organized. This lesson is all about accessing your google folder to get started.


navigating google drive

Every SSC team member has their own folder in our shared google drive. To find this:

  1.  log into your personal Gmail account
  2. Click on the grid box in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. click on the google drive icon
  4. If you do not see a box that says SSC ADVOCACY appear on your dashboard, follow these steps: 
  • Click the "shared with me" icon on the left hand side of your screen.
  • Locate the folder that says SSC ADVOCACY
  • Left click on this folder to bring up the menu
  • And select "Add to my drive"
  • Now go back to "My drive" in the top left hand corner
  • Your folder is now in your google drive dashboard

Here's a quick video tutorial in case you are more of a visual learner. 

video Block
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Exploring the SSC advocacy Folder 

Once you are inside of the SSC ADVOCACY folder, you will find the following items:

  • Our Oregon Cheat Sheet document

This is a list of all the helpful web links and PDF's we will need to conduct our research. This includes a list of every Cannabis business in oregon, a zipcode map, and a county map.

  • Our Team Colors Chart

Every SSC team member is required to select a highlight color at the time of hire. This allows your teammates to easily identify who is working on which project. For example, say Adrian wants to plan a Budtender training near the 97241 zipcode, she will easily be able to see which advocate is working in that area in order to team up on outreach. 

Before you get started, please select your desired color and let your team mates know what you have selected by adding it to the Team Colors Chart. 

  • A folder for each of our team members listed by first name

Each team member will be working on a slightly different project with slightly different goals. To keep track of your progress,  every SSC advocate  will have their own 'portfolio' in our shared folder. 

Here's a quick video which will walk you through the our shared folder and show you how to use the Team Color Chart. 

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Exploring your personal folder

Once you are in your personal folder, you will find the following items: 

  • Team Member Agreements

This is where we will keep your Intern agreement, Intern NDA, your official role description, and any other important official documents.

  • Time Charts

In this folder, you will see a chart for each month of the year. Please record your hours in this chart each and every time you sit down to work on a project. We want to be certain you are compensated appropriately for your contribution! Help us make that possible by getting into the habit of logging your time. 

  • Copy Me

Your Copy Me folder contains everything you need to successfully plan and track the progress of your work. These blank documents and charts include detailed directions to ensure that you never get lost and you always know exactly what to do. Every time you start a planning a new project, you can hop over to this folder and copy any document you need.

We made your life as easy as possible. In fact, you will never have to build a document or craft an email from scratch.

Here is a quick video to walk through of our templates:

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