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Why We Do It

We firmly believe that providing quality training for budtenders is the fastest way to make a true and lasting impact and change the negative stigma surrounding cannabis consumption. That's why we've boiled our 20-lesson Cannabis Science Certification down to a create comprehensive 3-hour budtender training exclusively for cannabis retail professionals.

The purpose of this course is to ensure a frontlines workforce that can confidently describe the differences between cannabis genotype & phenotype, and guide clients to the appropriate product based on chemotypic data rather than depend on the Indica and sativa binary.

How It Works

It is the joint responsibility of all business owners in the cannabis indusry to ensure accuracy of information for their customers and communities. However, many businesses are overburdened and unable to put the time, energy, and resources into a comprehensive employee training program. 

Enter Sativa Science Club. Cannabis businesses of all shapes and sizes can now sponsor an SSC Safe training in their neighborhood. Not only does this put their brand directly in front of a room full of inquisitive sales staff, it makes it possible for our cannabis university to provide entry level training for all budtenders completely FREE of charge. 

Retail establishments with five or more Safe Certified employees receive a university crest to display proudly in their storefront window.  Show your clients that they are SSC Safe!


Community Campaigns 

The SSC Safe campaign is intended to point the general public in the direction of educated and trustworthy advocates. To let them know who we are and what to look for, we host a variety of learning-lab & pop-up events designed to spread knowledge about the initiative and highlight our contributing sponsors, while providing bite sized pieces of cannabis science.