Selecting an Outreach Zone


Now that you have a brand new folder all set up, you are ready to begin research for your project. 

The very first step in your plotting phase is to begin your Outreach template by following the guidelines below. 


Open an outreach document in your new folder. You can remove the words "copy of"  from the document title by deleting it from the title window in the top left hand side of your screen. 


If possible, try to plan senior days in an outreach zone that an SSC Advocate is currently working on. This way, you know that the retail businesses in the area are already aware of SSC and our services. To do this, take a look at our the Master Outreach Chart in our team folder to see what we currently have in motion. 

Once you have identified an area of focus, the very first place you will want to look for sponsors is the Oregon Cannabis Business Database. Here you can look up retailers in the area who may have room to host a class.

If you want to explore the area a little closer, you can always check out the following resources: 

Oregon Zipcode Map

.Oregon County Map 

Top Retirements

Top requirements is a database of Oregon retirement communities organized by region. Your goal is to identify a great retail location to host a class that is nearby a senior community.  

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