Intro To Consumption Methods

Intro To Consumption Methods

35.00 45.00

Edibles, topicals, flowers oh my! In this course, we take a look at the ways we consume Cannabis, how they work, and why they make us feel so different. We’ll also explore popular Cannabis products and discuss the most appropriate applications for each type. This four-part series includes:

  • Lesson One: Smoking, Vaporizing and Ingesting Cannabis

  • Lesson Two: Mucosal and Topical Applications of Cannabis

  • Lesson Three: Cannabis Products and How They’re Made

  • Lesson Four: Tools to Choose the Right Product

Each of the four lessons in this comprehensive series includes a syllabus, an Ebook, a video, flash cards or notes templates, slides, and more.

Because we truly care about your learning experience each student is teamed up with a personal mentor who will provide additional resources and support along the way. 

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