Intro to Cannabis Botany

Intro to Cannabis Botany

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Intro to Cannabis Botany course offers a comprehensive study of taxonomy from the perspective of Cannabis sp. This four-lesson series includes:

  • Lesson One: Basic Cannabis Botany

  • Lesson Two: The Cannabis vs. Hemp Distinction

  • Lesson Three: The Indica& Sativa Binary

  • Lesson Four: Genotype, Phenotype, and Chemotype

Each of the four lessons in this comprehensive series includes a syllabus, an E-book, a video, flash cards or notes templates, slides, and more.

Because we truly care about your learning experience, each student is teamed up with a personal mentor who will provide additional resources and support along the way. 

Earn a series E-badge to display on your resume, email signature, or website. Show the world that you are an advocate who means business.