Cannabis Science Certification

Cannabis Science Certification

240.00 250.00

Want to take all five of our cannabis education series? Why not throw in one more exam and spring for advanced certification? This five-series twenty-lesson program explores rudimentary through intermediate Cannabis Science topics including:

  • Botany

  • Compounds

  • The ECS

  • Consumption methods

  • & Compassionate client care

Businesses with 3 or more certified members earn a University Crest to display on their website or in retail establishment window. Individuals earn a certificate of completion. 

Each of the twenty lessons in this comprehensive Cannabis Science program includes a syllabus, an Ebook, a video, flash cards or notes templates, slides, and more.

Because we truly care about your learning experience, each student is teamed up with a personal mentor who will provide additional resources and check in along the way. 

Earn 5 separate series E-badges as you go to display on your resume, email signature, or website. Show the world that you are an advocate who means business.