Not only has SSC been an amazing source for cannabis education in its many forms, but it has also been an amazing opportunity to meet people who are looking for a better future for the industry. [It’s] been rewarding both mentally and emotionally. The SSC program is helping us drive our company with the mindset that pushing education is the right pathway forward.
— Lisa Hopkins (Co-Founder, Kush Cart)
The certification offered by SSC was exactly what I was searching for as the founder of a new CBD business. Navigating the science and misinformation out there is not easy. I wanted to know the facts so that my products would be of the highest quality and safe for consumption. Along with being beautifully designed, the course is easy to digest with quizzes after each section so you can stay on track and make progress. I feel confident discussing the science of cannabis now that I have this certification in my back pocket. Thank you SSC!
— Kayla Clements (Founder, Luna Volta)

For a new website I’m working on, I was looking to get a fast, professional, high quality, AND evidence-based education on the ECS, phytocannabinoids, and cannabis products. I found it all in one spot at SSC. Not only did the educators make complex science easy to understand, but they also provided ongoing access to the training along with additional resources for farther study.

The format was perfect and it worked out great with my schedule. Finally, I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned to my own regimen with positive results! My body and mind feel great! I’m science certified and in a better position to help others feel better too. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you SSC!
— Jayne S. (Web Designer & Cannabis supporter)
That one time we made the cover of the Oregon Leaf! September issue 2017!

That one time we made the cover of the Oregon Leaf! September issue 2017!

SSC has played a huge role in improving my factual knowledge base. Each class is constructed upon one another and they are put together in a logical and easy to consume manner. The courses are easily accessible to the novice as well as the experienced cannabis professional. They have prepared me to go forth in the industry with confidence that my understanding of the herb, it’s chemical components, and how it intersects with our bodies.
— Steven Marchick (Cannabis Consultant & Mentor)

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My work encompasses 20 years of studies in the health and herbal industry. As a professional, I wanted professional training. As an herbalist, I knew the value of integrity and respect for medicinal herbs. I found what I was looking for in Sativa Science Club. They have opened the door for me to find a place in the industry that offers hope to millions.
— Annie Lannin (Cannabis B&B Manager)

She’s got the knowledge of a chem professor with the charm of Mary Poppins, and the same eye for a good time! Your medicine will never taste sweeter. In all seriousness though, you’ll definitely find yourself enjoying the ride while learning more about cannabis than you knew was possible.
— Joshua Berkheart (Life Coach & Health Guide)
I am so excited about the classes offered! As a long time herbalist, I can say that this is the real thing. Education from a science perspective with herbal folk medicine twists! This is the best program I’ve found on cannabis (or online for that matter) and I have taken many! I wish I would have known about this a looong time ago and I could not have made a better choice. Thank you, SSC!
— Rosemarry Breedlove (Herbalist, Doula, & Advocate)

Thank you for all the lessons you provided, I had a feeling there was a better way to do research but never took the chance to look for it. Until SSC gave me the wheels & direction of where to look and how to cite I can finally have a reason make a blog and learn how to expand upon it with science to back up my thesis.
much appreciation!
— Chillin' With Dan (Aspiring Blogger)