Day Of Event


You will work closely with Mary and our day-of event intern to set-up, tear down, and conduct each Budtender event. The following documents outline our supplies checklist along with a typical Coordination schedule: 




Always arrive at the event 1.5 hours early. It will take about 30 min to set up and an hour or so for guests to check in. From here, closely follow the guidelines below: 


The first thing to do is find a good place to set up registration. We will arrange our 6-ft folding table with a long black tablecloth. We will then arrange SSC banners and event signage. Once everything is on display, we can arrange the gift bag totes under the table and leave our check-in and newsletter signup clipboards on the table.

Always leave a little extra room to show of any prizes that people can win during the training.  

Make certain that you are very thoughtful and tidy in the way you arrange your materials. Keep it clear of clutter and hide the tote-boxes and other materials behind the tablecloth. Be sure to provide a waste paper basket or keep a paper bag nearby to remove any small bits that make their way onto the table.


During setup- you may be assigned other small tasks such as setting up our projector screen, arranging a prize table near the 'stage', setting up our food table, and so on. 


We will ask in advance that guests arrive and register in single file. Simply look up each guest by registered business and leave a tally next to their retail location. Dispensaries who do not have at least five members in attendance will not earn certification. It is critical to log each and every member who walks through the door very carefully.

As you tally each individual guest, be sure to hand them a goodie bag and let them know that they can find their SAFE pin inside. They can wear this when they budtend to signify to guests that they have completed our training.

ALWAYS provide an Safe-Certified window decal to the fifth member that arrives for each retail establishment. 

Please, always eat when you are hungry but do be curtious of our guests and try to save this for after registration. Always try to find a discrete place to keep food or drinks while you are tabling. 


You are welcome to take a break during the training itself,  Just be certain that there is always someone at the table in case we are missing any stragglers. When the event is over, you will be tasked with helping us clear the room.

When the event is officially over,  we can begin tearing down and packing up. Mary will be able to haul everything back to the office, but we will need your help rounding everything up and getting it into the car.  

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