SSC Student Reviews

Lisa Hopkins

Kush Cart Co-Founder & Director of Marketing 

Not only has Sativa Science Club been an amazing source for cannabis education in its many forms, but also an amazing opportunity to meet passionate people who are looking for a better future for this industry and our community. It’s been rewarding both mentally and emotionally in helping us drive our business with the mindset that pushing education is the right pathway forward.

Steven L. Marchick

Oregon Cannabis Mentor/Advocate/Urban Farmer

SSC has played a major part in increasing my factual cannabis knowledge base. Each class is constructed upon one another and are put together in a logical and easy to consume manner. The courses are easily accessible to the novice as well as the experienced cannabis professional.  They have prepared me to go forth in the industry with confidence that my understanding of the herb, its chemical components and how it interacts with our individual endocannabiniod system. Classes are held in a lovely setting with outstanding instructors with impeccable communication skills.

Ann Lannin

Retired Herbalist & Healer


My work history encompasses 20 years of studies and sales in the health and herbal industry.  After I retired, I searched for ways to utilize my training and the opportunity presented itself in a painful way.  In less than two years, I lost three people I was close to.  Only one of them had access to cannabis to help with the discomfort and their final transition.  What I witnessed in each case was the key to my decision to learn more about cannabis.  As a professional, I wanted professional training.  As an herbalist, I knew the value of integrity and respect for medicinal herbs.  I found what I needed with Sativa Science.  They have opened the door for me to find a place in an industry that offers help and hope to millions.