training Library 


We've got a lovely little collection of resources to share with you and we are just getting started. Annual members and certification holders receive unlimited access to our growing library.  The perfect tool kit for professional development for employee training!

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E-Books & Manuals

We know firsthand how time consuming it can be to develop best practices and employee manuals. But that doesn't stop our super nerdy team from obsessively writing them anyways. Gain access to our extensive library of SOP's, training books, activity logs, printable worksheets, and more! 

Examples Include:  
Cannabis Science E-books
Customer Service Manuals
& Product Care SOPs


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Audio Training

Busy hands demand entertainment! Our audio training modules are the perfect pastime for trim crews and production workers. Listening to these short audio trainings for just an hour each day will make you a true blue cannabis expert. 

Examples Include:
Cannabis Botany
Cannabis Compounds
& Science Podcast recoardings


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Video library 

Our Video Library is truly the heart of SSC Certification and employee training.  This comprehensive collection of science classes, live podcast footage, DIY tutorials, and interviews will roll out with fresh content each month. 


Examples Include:
Periodic Effects Panels
Cannabis Science videos
& Webinar recordings


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Live Webinars 

SSC appears on a variety of live webinars in addition to the ones we host on our own. These vary from professional development and thought leadership summits to cannabis science training and mastermind sessions.


Examples Include:
Intro to the ECS
How to Build a Brand Identity
& Ambassadorship Skills Training   



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