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As Sativa Science Club grows, It will become increasingly important to keep track of who we have contacted and what communities are already aware of our services. In order to make the most of our time and resources, we will need to stay highly organized. 


Every SSC advocate has their own folder in our shared google drive. To find this:

  1.  log into your personal Gmail account
  2. Click on the grid box in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. click on the google drive icon
  4. If you do not see a box that says SSC appear on your dashboard, follow these steps: 
  • Click the "shared with me" icon on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Locate the folder that says SSC
  • Left click on this folder to bring up the menu
  • And select "Add to my drive"
  • Now go back to "My drive" in the top left-hand corner
  • Your folder is now in your google drive dashboard

Here's a quick video tutorial in case you are more of a visual learner. 

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Once you are inside of the SSC folder, you will find the following items:

  • Our Team Resources Folder

*You won't be needing this folder*

  • Our Team Colors Chart

*You won't be needing this chart*

  • Copy Me Folder

    *You won't be needing this folder*
  • An Email Templates Folder

    Any and all templates you need to reach out to collaborators will be in our Email Templates Folder. We've made it so easy that you will never have to write a single email from scratch if you don't want to. 
  • A Folder For Each of our Team Members

Each advocate will be working on a slightly different project in a slightly different area. Every SSC team member will have their own 'portfolio' in our shared folder. Select the folder with your name on it to begin.



Once you are in your personal folder, you will find the following items: 

  • Team Member Agreements

This is where we will keep your Intern agreement, Intern NDA, your official role description, and any other important official documents.

  • Time Charts

In this folder, you will see a chart for each month of the year. Please record your hours in this chart each and every time you sit down to work on a project. We want to be certain you are compensated appropriately for your contribution! Help us make that possible by getting into the habit of logging your time. 

  • A folder for every kind of outreach project 

    Each of these folders contain a spreadsheet to help us keep track of data and any special outreach templates you can use to send emails.
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