Training On-Demand

What should you do if you’re not quite ready for the Elevated Advocacy Membership but you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to catch up to speed? We’ve got you covered. SSC is now offering Volume I of our original training as an instant access series. This is the perfect solution for beginners and small businesses hoping to get ahead. 

Mix and match from 20 different classes available on-demand. Take them individually, by subject, or as a comprehensive series. Each class includes study materials intended to suit a variety of learning styles. Our beautifully designed training comes complete with transcripts, editable PDF’s, E-books, videos, & more!

What can you do with an education from SSC? In addition to turbo boosting your employment appeal, many of our award winning alumni move on to enjoy speaking, teaching, and leadership opportunities!

Proceeds from individual courses allow us to provide FREE community outreach and sponsor education for children in need.



Learning Materials

Each online lesson Includes a course syllabus, E-book, presentation, editable PDF’s, and more! 


Video Training

Each lesson contains a short video lecture in addition to all print and text materials.


E-Badges & Certificates

Study at your own pace on any device and earn certificates along the way!


On Demand Training Options


The cannabis Botany course offers a comprehensive study of plant science from the perspective of Cannabis Sp. We cover a wide range of topics intended to place the cannabis plant within the context of the greater plant kingdom and get students comfortable with the basics of cannabis breeding.

  • Lesson One: Intro to Cannabis Botany

  • Lesson Two: The Hemp & Cannabis Distinction

  • Lesson Three: The Indica & Sativa Binary

  • Lesson Four: Genotype, Phenotype, and Chemotype


Ever wonder why one type of Cannabis makes you sleepy while another may have an energizing effect? Cannabis is home to a diverse array of compounds that are responsible for many of its reported medicinal properties. In this series, we take a look at the different classes of compounds present in cannabis and explore their similarities and differences.

  • Lesson One: Primary & Secondary Compounds

  • Lesson Two: Cannabinoids & Decarboxylation

  • Lesson Three: Cannabis Derived Terpenes

  • Lesson Four: Flavonoids and the Matrix


Now that we know the different compounds in cannabis we must look at what happens when we consume them. In the course, we explore the Endocannabinoid Receptor System, specific receptor binding mechanisms of cannabinoids, the signaling pathways they initiate, and how those relate to reported effects. 

  • Lesson One: Anatomy, Physiology, & The ECS

  • Lesson Two: Binding Mechanisms and Signaling Pathways

  • Lesson Three: Additional Actions of Phytocannabinoids

  • Lesson Four: The Entourage Effect


Edibles, topicals, flowers oh my! In this course, we take a look at the ways we consume cannabis, how they work, and why they make us feel so different. We’ll also explore popular cannabis products and discuss the most appropriate applications for each type.

  • Lesson One: Smoking, Vaporizing, and Ingesting Cannabis

  • Lesson Two: Mucosal and Topical Applications of Cannabis

  • Lesson Three: Popular Cannabis Products

  • Lesson Four: Tools to Choose the Right Product


When working with cannabis, it is necessary to connect with consumers to gain a greater understanding of their desired experience. When novice consumers have questions and concerns about cannabis it is the job of cannabis professionals to simultaneously put them at ease and help them navigate the often overwhelming market. In this course, students will learn techniques to deliver the highest standard of care and information....Without making medical claims! 

  • Lesson One: Connecting With Consumers

  • Lesson Two: Destigmatizing Cannabis

  • Lesson Three: Explaining Cannabis

  • Lesson Four: Navigating Medical Concerns