To make an impact, you’ll want more than a cannabis training certificate. Sativa Science Club offers the additional experience of mini-challenges, master classes, and advanced signature series to help you master the full spectrum of cannabis education, advocacy, and outreach.


Sativa Science Club is a grass roots education initiative coordinated and directed by our Founder Brandie Boudreau. While Brandie is not a scientist herself, rigorous study is at the cornerstone of the Sativa Science Club philosophy. 

As  a requisite to participation on our science writing team, contributors must hold a Masters degree (or equivalent study) in the fields of botany, biology, genealogy, horticulture, psychology, neurology, and/or chemistry.

Before making it to publication, all of our material is then peer-reviewed and approved by a second expert holding an M.D or Ph.D in a related field of study.

To ensure that our material is always third party and free of potential bias from contributing authors, we do not partner with individuals who have a vested interest in cannabis industry products or companies. 

Our business programs are written by our Founder Brandie who holds a few business degrees and certifications in the fields of organizational development, project management, communications, and marketing. However, we often feature guest interviews with MBA graduates, successful entrepreneurs, and respected leaders in the cannabis industry.  

There are currently no accredited third-party bodies in the cannabis industry. If anyone attempts to tell you that you'll be nationally accredited as a certified cannabis expert, pack up your pencil box and get to stepping. Until federal legalization opens up this is just not a possibility. However, we do issue certificates of completion once you have finished each program in our Signature Series. These are not intended to replace a degree. They are simply to prove that you've gone the extra mile to learn and grow as part of the Sativa Science Club community. 

As Sativa Science Club is one of the largest and fastest growing education resources in the cannabis industry, many employers recognize us as a prestigious cannabis training. Our members often find that employment opportunities come easily as a direct result of participation. 

At Sativa Science Club, we really do want our members to be the absolute best they can be. While our quick courses can be taken in any order you please, our signature series are intended to be a linear course of study.

We do this because we firmly believe that accurate and up to date science is essential to quality advocacy. If you plan to participate in business coaching under our founder Brandie Boudreau it is required that you complete Elevated Educator and Elevated Advocacy with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above to be accepted into our Elevated Entrepreneur series.

Our quick courses are released periodically throughout the year with no hard and fast rules on seating. However, you will want to move swiftly on our signature series.

If you are interested in joining us for advanced training, we offer open enrollment to Elevated Educator once a year in January. Only Elevated Educator graduates are invited to enroll in our Elevated Advocacy and Elevated Entrepreneur programs which enroll in April and July respectively.

If you intend to take all three, you can expect to enroll in January and finish your last program by October. Just in time to prepare for your first year as the owner of an elevated company.

In addition to our payment plans and launch day discounts, we do offer scholarship and work-study opportunities for our Signature Series. Keep a close eye on our emails as we launch a new essay campaign each year around harvest season (October). Although all are welcome and invited to apply, preference is given to women-identified, LGBTQ, and people of color. 

Elevated Educator

Elevated Educator is a three month cannabis science program intended to catch you up to speed on the latest cannabis science and keep you up to date on the latest findings. Learn about cannabis from cell to seed with courses in Botany, Compounds, and the ECS. 

Elevated Advocacy 

After taking the Elevated Educator series, you will need to know how to leverage what you've learned to better serve your community. Enter Elevated Advocacy, with additional courses in cannabis consumption safety, client care, leadership, and advocacy, we'll teach you how to make the most out of your advanced cannabis science training. 

Elevated Entrepreneur 

Upon completion of Elevated Advocacy, you are ready to get out there and start making a difference. Why not make a little income while you're at it? Elevated Entrepreneur is a 3-month business program that will guide you through the process as you develop the online cannabis business of your dreams.


Sativa Science Club is an industry leading cannabis educator. Our cannabis science and business courses fill up quickly! Join the wait-list and be the first to know about upcoming enrollment opportunities.

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