2018 Collaborators 

Sativa Science Club is truly a community effort. We could not do what we do without the continued support of the Oregon cannabis community.  Be sure to check out the amazing list of teachers and collaborators that make it all happen.  


Green Light Law Hour For Annual Members

Starting and growing your cannabis business comes with a wide array of challenges. In addition to those faced by any business, like raising capital or structuring corporate entities, businesses working in the growing cannabis industry face a maze of complex and shifting regulation that can be indecipherable to people with successful business experience. Reliable and accurate legal advice is essential to avoid the many pitfalls that can derail a cannabis business.

Green Light Law Group is a Portland-based firm focused on providing legal solutions to Oregon’s marijuana industry. Our attorneys have nearly thirty years combined legal experience and an in-depth operational knowledge. Green Light is uniquely positioned to provide excellent legal services and counseling for new entrepreneurs, financiers, and established companies. 

SSC Annual Members join co-owners Perry and Brad in the classroom on Compliance days for Green Light Law hour.  Learn how you can avoid common pitfalls of businesses and advocates alike. 


Compliance COursework for annual members

Oregon’s First ORELAP Accredited and OLCC Licensed Cannabis Laboratory.

Green Leaf Lab is the Northwest’s premier laboratory for providing Cannalysis™,  to utilize standardized scientific instrumentation, and employ professionally educated chemists for all cannabis testing and screening procedures.

An independent third-party analytical laboratory,  Green Leaf Lab believes in educating cannabis consumers through standardized cannabis testing procedures in an effort to further legitimize medical and recreational cannabis by imparting knowledge through testing, education and information.

Annual Members join Green Leaf in the classroom and in the lab where they will learn the ins and outs of local testing regulations, compliance measures,  and helpful tips for METRC. 


Social Science COursework and professional networking for oregon businesses

The Craft Cannabis Alliance is a membership association of cannabis and allied businesses.  The community shares a commitment to an authentic craft cannabis industry that respects and serves people, place, planet, and plant.  Their core goal is to build an industry we can be proud of, one that benefits Oregon, our communities, and everyone who touches the plant. The Craft Cannabis Alliance believes that an authentic craft industry reflects the positive impacts of the cannabis plant itself, by bringing people together and adding value to their lives. 

SSC Annual Members will join Craft Cannabis Alliance Founder Adam Smith for an in depth discussion of cannabis history, social science, and systemic racism in the cannabis space. 


Plant, soil science, and herbal IMMERSION workshops

The Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies offers intimate, hands-on classes that focus on building practical skills and deep connections to the natural world.  Their students learn pragmatic ways to use herbal remedies every day for their selves and their loved ones.  As part of their bioregional focus, Arctos fosters a sense of place, a feeling of connection with and stewardship of the land.  Their herbalism is rooted in social justice, and they employ a community-based approach, encouraging students to engage in their own learning.  For Arctos, plants trump power point – expect to smell, taste, and experience the healing herbs with when you’re with them in the field!

Join co-owners Missy Rohs and Gradey Proctor in the classroom and out in the great wide world as we explore native plant ecology and get to know the many herbal allies of cannabis. 


Cannabis Horticultural Science Coursework For All

The Cannabis Horticultural Science Course by CAN! Research provides overviews of core horticultural science topics as they relate to the production of Cannabis sp.  Experienced growers may learn the science behind their cultivation practices and improve upon their success.  Beginners can learn the scientific foundation of cannabis horticulture.  Businesses can utilize this course as part of their employee training and education program.

SSC Members join CAN! Research Founder Todd Dalotto in the classroom for Cannabis Horticulture For Retailers. Learn the basic science behind the cultivation, botany, breeding, and phytochemistry of the cannabis flowers and products sold at licensed retail facilities.  Topics include: Botanical Nomenclature, Production Environments, Production Disciplines, Soil & Growing Media, Plant Nutrition, Plant Pathology, Pest & Pathogen Management, Contaminants, Seed Biology, Plant Propagation & Nursery Care, and more.  



One of a kind learning tools 

Hempsley is a wellness guidance company based out of Missouri that is dedicated to educating people specifically in prohibition states about cannabis and other natural, holistic approaches to health and wellness. They explore a variety wellness tools such as healing herbs, essential oils, nutrition and more then present the most important takeaways so that you can start taking better care of yourself and your loved ones. They introduce the basics of cannabis science so that people who are new to the concept of this plant being medicine aren’t left feeling overwhelmed or incriminated. It’s strategically designed to be a professional and reliable resource that you can feel comfortable sharing with your conservative and perhaps skeptical friends, family, and colleagues — even the ones who may still be living in prohibition.  

Sativa Science Club and Hempsley have teamed up to create one of a kind learning tools and educational materials. Be sure to give them a follow on social media for amazing insights and cannabis positive eye candy


publications and CHARITABLE events for Oregon Cannabis Enthusiasts 

Founded in 2010, The Weed Blog (TWB) strives to be the number one source for important cannabis news, information and advocacy efforts. TWB report on topics such as cannabis policy, industry, cooking, growing, and culture, to name a few.  TWB stands firm in their stance to push cannabis law reform forward until legalization is a reality in the United States and, someday, worldwide.  

SSC Annual members will join TWB co-owner Leah Maurer in the classroom for an exploration of cannabis advocacy and ambassadorship while the public can join us for TEDtalk inspired charitable events on the last Friday of every month! 


Federal Compliance Webinars for businesses

Trax Team Solutions is not your average cannabis consulting and training firm. They recognize
how time-consuming and expensive it can be to keep up with constantly changing regulations.
The team at Trax is passionate about providing truly innovative, cost-effective,
long-lasting compliance and workflow solutions to the cannabis industry.

Trax Team Solutions not only educates its clients on current regulations and industry best
practices, it also shares the tools each type of facility needs to ensure compliance is maintained
each and every day.  SSC members enjoy 10% off of TRAX webionars and web workshops for Federal and state compliance. 


Home Sweet Home

The Jupiter Hotel is a boutique hotel centrally located in SE Portland, Oregon. They welcome guests of all kinds to join the community and indulge in urban life. Their spaces are designed to allow people whatever level of togetherness or privacy they're looking for.  The Jupiter offers affordability, insist upon originality, and their goal is always to connect you to the vibrancy of Portland. 

Check out their cannabis packages for an unforgettable Oregon adventure!