About Our Teachers 

Mary J Poppins 

Founder & CEO

An avid learner and social entrepreneur, Mary is forever seeking new ways to unite community around the cause of holistic health.  Throughout her journey she has received formal training and certifications in DONA labor doula care, early childhood development, Montessori education, and clinical herbalism. In the university setting, Mary earned her H.R. Certification, CAPM Project Management Certification, A.S in Community Health Education, and B.S in Sustainable Business Management before moving on to a Masters Certificate in Nonprofit Development.  

Mary utilizes this unique skill set to establish charitable organizations, community development initiatives, and education platforms for forward thinking organizations nationwide.  She also lectures about creative marketing and branding at several Oregon Universities.  In cannabis, Mary sees the unique opportunity to reach a profoundly sincere and embryonic industry with a message of collaboration, communication, and socially conscious business practices.  In 2016, after spending a few years on large scale farms across the Emerald Triangle, She began to develop Sativa Science Club as a powerful leadership tool and success model for industries everywhere.  

Emma Chasen 

Director of Education

Emma Chasen has a mission to educate people on the science behind Cannabis so that they may take charge of their own healing.  After graduating from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Medicinal Plant Research, Emma went on to coordinate Clinical Oncology trials with the Brown University Oncology Research Group. When her supervisor refused a Cannabis trial in favor of another expensive pharmaceutical drug, Emma quit and headed across the country to Portland, OR. She found her way to Farma, the popular Portland dispensary that takes a more scientific approach to Cannabis; rejecting the Indica/Sativa binary and instead focusing on chemotypes to determine effect. There she has been able to study the plant and help patients reframe their relationship with Cannabis as medicine. She is now the Director of Education at Sativa Science Club and seeks to spread the educational program through teaching, writing and consulting. 

Emma Chasen was recently named Portland’s Best Budtender of 2016 and featured in Newsweek, MG Magazine, Stoner Magazine, High Times Magazine, The Oregon Leaf and Teen Vogue for her work with Cannabis and patients. Her mission is to educate people on the science behind Cannabis so that they may take charge of their own healing as well as to address the need for training and education of budtenders, medical professionals, and the general public.

Eric Wendt

Chief Science Officer, Green Leaf Lab

Eric has been working in chemistry labs his entire professional career.  He got his start in the pharmaceutical industry working with many of the top Fortune 500 pharma companies on product development, formulation work, and stability studies.  After moving to Portland, he took a position in the quality control laboratory of a growing vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplement company located in Vancouver Washington.  There he facilitated the growth of the laboratory and worked on analytical method development to reduce turnaround time, expand the testing capabilities of the lab, and assist with new FDA oversight and regulations of the nutritional supplement industry.  In November of 2015, he joined Green Leaf Lab and has worked to bring its operations in line with the standards required in a regulated industry.  Eric also had the opportunity to participate in the RAC committee meetings and was a member of a subcommittee helping to craft the new testing requirements for the industry.  When he’s not working, Eric enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid rock climber, backcountry skier, and mountain biker.