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Mary Jane Poppins

Founder. Designer. dreamer.

An avid learner and social entrepreneur, Mary is forever seeking new ways to unite community around the cause of holistic health.

After spending the majority of her twenties as a traveling intern and student of clinical herbalism. Mary earned an A.S in Community Health Education and a B.S in Sustainable Business Management before moving on pursue graduate studies in Non-Profit Development and Leadership.

Mary utilizes this unique skill set to establish charitable organizations, community initiatives, and education platforms for herbal medicine shops nationwide. 

She established the Bridge City Botanical Collective in 2010, a free-school community of over 200 herbalists and holistic health teachers offering classes across the state of Oregon and beyond. This collaborative study model would later inspire the creation of Sativa Science Club.

Through cannabis, Mary sees the unique opportunity to reach a profoundly sincere and deeply curious community with a message of collaboration, education, and the true power plants.

It is her sincere belief that, together, cannabis businesses and their advocates have the power to influence the vote and change the way that people think about herbal medicine forever.

In her spare time, Mary teaches grant writing, and creative entrepreneurship workshops at local universities, and sits on the executive board of the Oregon Craft Cannabis Alliance.