What is SSC?

Sativa Science Club is part University, part social society, and 100% professional development community.

What is certification?

Our peer reviewed certification explores 5 topics and 20 modules ranging from botany to client care. Learn more here.

What is the peer review?

It is very important to us that our work be up to date and of the highest accuracy. That's why we've arranged a third party editorial board of esteemed scientists and PhD’s. These individuals review our curriculum and help us stay on track.  

Do you have business memberships?

Yes. We offer a discount of $100 per person for businesses who enroll 3 or more employees.  Businesses who earn Certification receive our university crest badge to display on their website or retail window.  Businesses who spring for Annual Membership receive unlimited access to our employee training library. 

Do you offer budtender training?

Yes. Our Cannabis Science Certification is great for everyone but it was designed especially with budtenders  in mind. 

Do you offer a sticker/badge/

Yes. Businesses with 3 or more certified members will receive an University crest window decal, an E-badge for their website, and an identifying pen for each trained employee.

Will you teach a class at my farm/ dispensary?

Yes! That's what we're here for. We've created a list of our most popular classes. We would be happy to come to you for employee training days and customer appreciation events. Book us here. 

What is so special annual memberships?

Annual members enjoy extra perks like personal mentorship, private party invites, job placement assistance, and more. Learn about Annual Membership here.

How do you select your mentors?

Mentors have at least 2 years industry experience in a management or administrative role. They undergo a rigorous interview process and have a proven track record of leadership in their community. All SSC mentors are participants of the internship program. 

When do classes start?

The first in person class of the year is Monday, January 22nd, 2018. 

Class days/ times?

Online classes are self paced. Although we do recommend taking 1-2 modules per week.  On ground classes take place on Mondays from 11-4pm.

How long does it take to finish the program?

Online certification can be completed in as few as 5 days or as many as 6 months
On grond certification is about three months in length.
Annual members attend class from January through August, enjoy a short 'vacation' over harvest (September & October) and rejoin us for research opportunities over winter.

I’m not in the industry, can I join?

Of course! SSC is for every adult over the age of 21.

Do you offer individual classes for non members?

Yes. We want you to get a taste of what we're up to.  All SSC classes can be taken as a series or a la carte.  Although membership does provide a deep discount.

Do you have a payment plan?

We do offer monthly payment plans for our members. However those who pay tuition in full do receive a significant discount.

Do you offer scholarship/
internship discounts?

We do! Learn more here.

Can you help my company develop a training or certification?

That is what we do best! Email info@sativascienceclub.com to get started.

Down to collaborate?

We are all about collaboration.  Email info@sativascienceclub.com and let the brainstorm begin!

Will you come teach classes in Bend/ Eugene/ at the coast/ etc?

Yes! We love a good road trip. If you've got the venu we've got the program. Email info@sativascienceclub.com to get started.

Will you speak at my event?

Of course! Ask us about our speaking and workshop rates here.