SSC is a collaborative education model spearheaded by Brandie Leach (AKA Mary Jane Poppins); Herbalist, Educator, and Founder of SSC. An award wining organizer acknowledged as one of the most influential leaders in the Oregon Cannabis Industry, Brandie is a passionate community health advocate, founding board member of the Oregon Craft Cannabis Alliance, and creator of one of the worlds fastest growing cannabis science communities. Our mission is to help you catch up to speed on the latest research, realize your highest potential, and use your gifts to make a meaningful difference.



Dr. Mike is a cannabis scientist and educator residing in San Diego, California. He earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at M.I.T. and studied cannabinoid receptors as a post-doctoral associate at The Scripps Research Institute. Following his post-doc, Dr. Mike spent four years as a technical adviser to corporate law firms obtaining patents on pharmaceuticals. He is an author on over a dozen scientific articles including publications in Nature, Biochemistry, and PNAS. Dr. Mike assisted with editing and coordinating the botany and compounds portions of the training.


Alexandra Arnett,


Alexandra is an inspiringly studious budtender who practices razor sharp precision in all things. She earned her Associates in Psychology at Fresno City College before moving to Oregon to pursue a Bachelors at the University of Oregon. Here she stumbled on to Sativa Science Club and quickly made her way onto the team. After spending some time as an intern hosting our interactive terpene table, Alex began writing short research blogs that knocked our socks off. Shortly thereafter she became a lead writer, researcher, and fact checker behind the scenes. Alex reviews and revises all of our material before it heads to our internal editing team. She also moderates our members only Facebook group and chats you up on IG.

Gabe Buckley, BS, M.S,


Gabe Buckley is a writer with a background in business and biology. After receiving a Master’s in Professional Natural Sciences from Colorado State University, Gabe began a career as a freelance writer. He hopes to better translate science for the general public and raise scientific knowledge about common issues. In his free time, Gabe is an avid scuba diver and photographer, spending much of his time climbing around the mountains or diving to the depths to capture the beauty of nature.


Dina sabella, B.Sc


Dina sabella is currently working as an R&D Spv. for one of the biggest FMCG companies in Southeast Asia. She earned her bachelor of science degree from Atma Jaya University with a concentration in biotechnology. Her experience as a student lab assistant for various labs—including analytical chemistry, food technology, plant tissue culture, and plant biotechnology—has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. In addition to her life-long passion for science, she also enjoys medical and scientific writing. She always strives to help others make progress towards a healthier lifestyle.