Senior Day Sponsorship

Senior Day Sponsorship


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the number of people age 65 and up who said they use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes grew 250 percent between 2006 and 2013 alone.

However, this demographic frequently admits that they feel a little intimidated by all of the options available to them in the retail environment. Sativa Science Club hopes to bridge that gap with Senior days. 

Hosted by our very own Cannabis Science Certification alumni over the age of 65, our peer mentor days were created as a way to introduce the mature community to their local resources.

Here's How

We select a different location each month to host the event and swing by the local assisted living facility with a tour bus. We start our gathering with a peer Q&A, play a little quiz game, and then walk our guests through the selection process, explaining each product and their uses along the way.

This is a completely free public service and we depend on your sponsorship to help spread the word. In appreciation of your donation you will receive:

  • Your logo & backlink on our sponsors page

  • A dedicated newsletter shout out

  • A dedicated social media shout out

  • Your name & backlink on all online listings for that event

  • Your name and logo on all assisted living flyers

  • A complimentary curated gift giveaway during the event

  • Preference for your product at participating locations

  • Social media coverage of award recipient for our feed and yours

    This is an incredible promotion value that you will not find at an outside marketing agency. Reach an untapped demographic of curious seniors and Show them that your brand genuinely cares about easy access to quality information.