SEries Five: Lesson Two

Destigmatizing Cannabis

Many people have negative perceptions of cannabis due to prohibition and government propaganda. In this course, students will learn how to engage in a meaningful and respectful dialogue with people who have negative opinions of this amazing medicinal plant and the people who love it. We will teach students how to subvert common stigmas associated with cannabis while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and customer service. Provided herein you will find your lesson syllabus, a study guide, a short video, a printable notes template, and a PDF of our slides. Simply click on each of the images below. As always, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and do take advantage of our virtual study groups as you prepare for the quiz. Best of luck to you!



Take this helpful (and hint-ful) notes template with you. It is full of prompts for your module quiz. Be sure to write down any extra questions you may have and share them with us in our virtual study group!  *Every Wednesday on Facebook from 6-8pm* 


Use these slides to help jog your memory. They may also come in handy later on during the series exam. Pro tip- anything you see on a slide may also make a super useful flash card.