Intro To Botany

Whether you're new to cannabis or you were just never properly introduced, this is the class for you. Get a firm grip on cannabis fundamentals as we learn basic botany, plant anatomy, and evolution. 

Intro To cannabinoids

Now that you've got the nuts and bolts we can explore a little deeper.  Let's talk about Cannabinoids, the compounds that act as a driving force behind the healing and psychotropic properties of Cannabis.


Intro To Terpenes

Learn about the terpenes, the long chain compounds that help make up the flavor profile and aroma of cannabis and how you can use them to your advantage for therapeutic effect.

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iNTRO TO Flavonoids

These anti-oxidant compounds may not do much in the way of a buzz but many experts say you should be including them in your diet daily.  Lets learn about Flavonoids, the most un-discussed and under utilized compounds in cannabis.  

The Endocanabinoid system

Did you know that the body has built in receptors specifically for cannabinoid-like compounds?  This is just one small component of the endogenous cannabinoid system.  Your body was built for bud. Let's talk about it.


The Science of CBD

Get an in depth look at the cannabis compound CBD, nature's helpful little healing hand.  This class will explore the key differences between THC and CBD and their synergystic effect on the endogenous endocannabinoid system.




The Entourage Effect

Explore the synergistic effects between all compounds in the matrix of Cannabis.  In this course, we take a deeper look at how terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids work together to mediate Cannabis' full range of effects. 


Receptor Binding Mechanisms

Why does Cannabis make us feel so good? Because of the way in which cannabinoids bind to our receptors! In this class we explore the receptors that cannabinoids most often interact with, what pathways they signal and how they keep us feeling fantastic.


Exploring Anandamide

Did you know we make our own endocannabinoid? In this class we explore our very own bliss compound, how its made, how its destroyed and why we are all so deficient in it.

Learning LabORATORY 


Don't get popped you party pooper!  In order to be successful industry stewards one must always comply with local law.  Join us for an open table discussion all about your reefer rites.


There are so many popular products on the market today that it's hard to keep them all straight.  This class will cover everything from doobies to dabs. Learn how to navigate those dispensary shelves like a pro! 

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What exactly are you supposed to do with all of those extra water leaves?  Is there a better way to dry?  What is decarboxylation and how does it work?  Let's talk about the best method to cure, store, and prepare your flowers for future use.

Tincture Tricks

Learn about 12 popular tincture styles on the market today and their uses.  This demonstration will cover everything from maceration to percolation and the best methods for at home straining and storage. 

Bud Butter Basics

Learn how to make cannabis compound butter at this cooking demonstration.  Let's explore the molecular process behind fat solubility and emulsification.

The Truth About Topicals

You don't have to eat or smoke cannabis to benefit from it's healing effects.  Let's learn a bit about the body's biggest organ; the skin, and how topical cannabis absorbency may open a whole new door for therapeutic research.


Cultivation Coursework Coming Soon!

Student Testimonials 

Mary J Poppyns has found her niche— utilizing her herbal passion to be an educator and ambassador for Cannabis. Cannabis is a new medicine for me. Taking Marys Cannabis Constituents course at The Herb Shoppe was a welcomed doorway to understanding (and awe!) as to how this medicine works in the body, and can support the mind and spirit. Thank you!
— Lea Walsh - Collective Cannabis Clinic
I took the Cannabis Crash Course and learned so many new things. Even though I already had some exposure from talking to people, the class tied it all together. Mary J Poppyns did an excellent job of explaining the terms and how the constituents worked in a way that was easy to understand for the uninitiated.
— Mary Wang - bud tender