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Cannabis History & Taxonomic Classification

In the 1700’s, people began to question that the church had all of the answers for the phenomenons of the natural world. This time period is often described as the ‘Age of Enlightenment’. Philosophers and pioneers of this age would go on to create the scientific method and other schools of thought that would eventually lay the foundation for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution proposed in the mid 1800’s. Carl Linnaeus was one of the great minds of the Age of Enlightenment. He is deemed the father of modern taxonomy as he created the taxonomic classification system we use today. He saw the need to group organisms based on shared characteristics so that we could better understand the world around us.

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Are Hemp and Cannabis Products The Same?

Hemp is often thought of as a subspecies of Cannabis. But many people are confused as to the difference between the hemp and cannabis plant. Hemp and the modern day “drug-cultivar” Cannabis took two very different breeding pathways. Hemp plants actually belong to the cannabis sativa species and they are bred specifically for their primary compounds, like proteins and fibers. Whereas the “drug-cultivar” cannabis refers to any cannabis plant that has been bred for its secondary compounds, specifically an elevated THC concentration.

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