An Age Old Adage


While we could offer a certification designed to give you all of the answers, we would much rather help you develop the skills you need to conduct quality research on your own. The Elevated Advocacy membership is for dedicated doers and changemakers who are consistently seeking new ways to educate and serve. Our number one goal is to catch you up to speed on what's currently out there and then train you to think, behave, and execute highly impactful initiatives like the cannabis expert that you are — A cannabis certificate is good for a year, these fundamental skills will serve you for a lifetime.


It’s Online Learning

99.5% of the membership program is based online so you can participate from anywhere with wifi. All of our course materials, including videos, transcripts, assignments, and helpful resources can be found in our members-only portal. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your burning questions, get feedback and connect with cannabis mentors and peers online.

For People people

Because we're a social community of peers, members are encouraged to connect in person for study clubs, community outreach projects, and research initiatives. We even provide a members-only facebook portal where advocates can list live activities and events.

what to Expect

Although enrollment only comes around twice each year, we encourage our members to register as early as possible. This is because our on-boarding experience includes an in-depth orientation to help you get the most out of the program. We will also do some fun exercises to get the creative juices flowing and set some clear and actionable goals.

There are six core series (or 'pillars') of the Elevated Advocacy membership. Each series contains four individual modules with corresponding resources to help you integrate what you've learned.

Members also unlock bonus coursework and packages as they reach certain pre-requisite milestones. Once the initial six months are complete, and all of our content has been released, members maintain access to our extensive library of training materials FOR LIFE. Feel free to come back and visit as often as you like! Of course, this material is updated every year to accommodate the latest findings in Cannabis Science.


your time, your terms

Once you join, you have lifetime access to the material, so you can follow along with the coursework as it is released, or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule. So if you’re working a full-time job, juggling several side hustles, getting married, having babies (making babies), traveling or dealing with any big life events, you need not worry about falling behind. Once they’re released, our members can revisit the training materials at any time. Remember, true self-work, and professional development is not a six-month long event.

If you do plan to take each module of the training on time, we recommend setting aside 4-6 hours per week to make your way through the content, complete and projects, and — if you choose — engage with our online community. Naturally, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. But if time becomes a concern, don’t worry. We understand that life happens. The majority of our students go through the program as they can, pause when they need, and return to catch up as their schedule allows.

week 1

jan 7th

True Cannabis Taxonomy

Lets lay the historical groundwork. In this course, we learn all about Cannabis botany, plant anatomy, evolution, and the taxonomic ranks.

Feb 4th

Compounds & Alkaloids

Now that we fully understand the cannabis chemotype, let’s explore the differences between primary and secondary compounds in the cannabis matrix.

March 4th

Anatomy & Physiology

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's step back and take a look at the human body. This week we explore Anatomy & Physiology and the ECS.

April 1st

Smoking & Vaporizing

Smoking and vaporizing cannabis are similar in some ways but very different in others. In this course, we look at the difference between convection and combustion heating.

April 29th

Connecting With Clients

Deciding to try cannabis for the first time can be intimidating. This week, we will discuss the most effective way to connect with first time clients in order to help them feel more at ease.

May 27th

Cannabis Advocacy

This week we are going to take a closer look at community health education, harm reduction, and the fundamentals of informed cannabis advocacy throughout the 21st century.

week 2

Jan 14th

Hemp History

Over week two we will dive into the many differences between Hemp and Cannabis products from seed to sale. Learn all about CBD!

Feb 11th

Cannabis Compounds

let’s take a closer look at the most medically efficacious compounds in cannabis. This course goes beyond THC to minor compounds that can make a major impact on our health.

March 11th

Binding & Signaling

How, exactly, does the endocannabinoid receptor system work? Let’s find out! This week we look at receptor binding & signaling pathways

April 8th

Edibles & Mucosals

Edible and mucosal cannabis consumption are in a league of their own. Learn what makes these methods of ingestion so wonderfully different in this weeks lesson.

may 6th

Destigmatizing Cannabis

Advocacy isn’t always easy. There are people out there who strongly disagree. In this lesson, we unpack the stigma to learn how to communicate more effectively.


june 3rd

Digital Advocacy

The first place a closet cannabis consumer is going to look for support is google. In this course, we discuss the most effective approach to online outreach & digital advocacy.

week 3

Jan 21st

Indica Vs. Sativa

Turns out we've been categorizing Cannabis all wrong (for generations)! Find out why over week 3, the Indica & Sativa distinction.

feb 18th

Cannabis Terpenes

Let’s talk terpenes, the volatile compounds responsible for that unique cannabis aroma. This week’s lesson opens the door for farther study of the entourage theory!

March 18th


Now that we understand the ECS, what happens when we introduce phytocannabinoids from the cannabis matrix? Let’s explore!

april 15th

Topical Application

Can you really get 'high' from topical cannabis? Is it truly a workaround for drug testing? This week we explore the difference between topical and transdermal application.

may 13th

Explaining Cannabis

Cannabis science is endlessly complex and never ending. This week we will learn how to break down complicated information to make teaching cannabis super easy.

june 10th


Social entrepreneurship is the act of building a business that empowers a community. Let’s learn how we can make a great living through intentional cannabis advocacy.

week 4

jan 28th

Phenotype Vs. Chemotype

If we can’t use Indica & Sativa, what terms should we use to help describe a plants effects? Let’s explore cannabis genotype, phenotype, and chemotype.

feb 25th

Falvonoids & The Matrix

But wait! There's more! This week we look at flavonoids, the often overlooked compounds that may contribute to antioxidant and antiproliferative properties.

March 25th

The Ensemble Effect

Endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and the ECS! Let’s look at how these all work together to produce a desired effect.

april 22nd

Product Selection

With a little reflection and forethought, the perfect care regimen can be completely customized. Learn how to make the ideal product selection every time.

may 20th

Medical Concerns

We can share our love for cannabis all day long, but we must never make medical claims. This week we explore the best way to navigate common medical concerns.

june 17th

A Road Map To Success

The core of the program has come to a close and we are ready to move on to the next step in the journey. This week we share our intentions for the future, as advocates, as businesses, and as a loving collective of people.

And then there’s the bonus material….

In addition to the core learning series, members unlock a comprehensive library of coursework throughout the training to celebrate learning milestones

  • Cultivation Basics

  • Genetics & The Galaxy

  • Terpene Therapy

  • Mastering The Micro-Dose

  • Juicing & Flavonoids

  • Cooking With Cannabis

  • Lozenge Making

  • Tincture Making

  • Salve Making

  • Cannabis First Aid

  • Extracts 101

  • Advanced FECO

  • Advanced Intake

  • Education As Activism

  • & More!


We also understand that complex research can be hard to tackle. We've done our very best to break it down in the easiest way possible. But If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed — our mentors are here to help. Once you join Sativa Science Club, you’ll have guidance and support from our entire team of like-minded advocates who have experienced it all. All conversations take place in a confidential, safe, and encouraging environment.

Community Guidance and Support


Dedicated Mentors

Our members are encouraged to ask questions and get feedback from our talented mentorship team. These fellow business owners and advocates bring a unique skill set to research, coaching, business planning, marketing, and more. As an SSC member, you'll never feel lost or left behind


Active Lesson Comments

Under each training segment, you’re invited to comment and get responses from our team, SSC alumni, and fellow members.



You’re about to become a member of one of the most curious, compassionate, and supportive communities on the planet. Our private, members-only, community is always at your fingertips. Together you can design, dream, share ideas, get feedback, connect with mentors, plan study dates, organize outreach efforts, and more.


Live Office Hours

Each week, we invite our members to hop on live "Office Hours" calls with our team. Here we provide guidance and tackle your toughest questions head-on. Not able to make it to timely events? No worries! We record and transcribe all of these interactions so you can listen and learn at your convenience later on.


The Vault

As the coursework unfolds, you’ll gain access to all of our member’ questions, along with responses from our team. This information is later organized and archived in ‘The Vault’ so you’ll always have instant access.


Spectacular Support

Member satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you bump into technical issues or you're struggling with a specific subject, we’re here to help. Simply write, and one of our team will take care of you.

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What’s The Investment?

The lifetime investment for SSC 2019 is $1,500. However, to celebrate reaching 25k followers on Instagram, we're awarding 25 full-tuition scholarships! Follow us on social to learn how you can apply.

Oh! And did we mention the money back guarantee? We do our darnedest to be humble, but we really mean it when we say that the Elevated Advocacy program has the power to change your life (and your business) forever. You don't have to take our word for it — that’s based on results from our amazing members who remain in action, creating massive change worldwide. Just follow the link below to see! And if you do choose to invest in the future we us, you can rest assured that we always have your back. If you're not satisfied with your membership after two weeks, you can count on our a 100% money back guarantee. We’re confident that if you put the time and energy into the work, you’ll draw enormous benefit and you'll grow as a direct result of the experience. We are more than happy to bet hard earned money on it.