Compassionate Client Care

Compassionate Client Care


When working with Cannabis, it is necessary to connect with consumers to gain a greater understanding of their desired experience. When novice consumers have questions and concerns about Cannabis it is the job of an advocate to simultaneously put them at ease and help them navigate the often overwhelming market. In this course, students will learn techniques to deliver the highest standard of care and information. Without making medical claims! This four-part training includes:

  • Lesson One: Connecting with Consumers

  • Lesson Two: Destigmatizing Cannabis

  • Lesson Three: Explaining Cannabis

  • Lesson Four: Navigating Medical Concerns

Each of the four lessons in this comprehensive series includes a syllabus, an Ebook, a video, flash cards or notes templates, slides, and more.

Because we truly care about your learning experience each student is teamed up with a personal mentor who will provide additional resources and support along the way. 

Earn a series E-badge to display on your resume, email signature, or website. Show the world that you are an SSC Safe advocate.