Horticultural science Program


SSC is proud to partner with Todd Dalotto of CAN! Research.  This 10 week Cannabis Horticultural Science Course provides overviews of core science topics as they relate to the production of Cannabis sp. for medicine and adult-use.  Experienced growers may learn the science behind their cultivation practices and improve upon their success. Beginners can learn the scientific foundation of cannabis horticulture, and businesses can utilize this course as employee training. Classes offered online or on ground in Portland or Eugene Oregon! 

Businesses who enroll 3 or more employees save 40%


10-Week Program

The 10-Week Cannabis Horticulture Program explores everything from Cannabis Production Systems and Seed Biology, to Sustainable Agriculture and Breeding Technique.  SSC membership recieve 20% off!

Horticulture For Retailers

Enhance your credibility as a worker or owner of a cannabis retail establishment by learning the basic science behind the cultivation, botany, and phytochemistry of cannabis. The perfect crash course for beginners. 


Individual Classes


Production Systems 

Soil Science 

Insect and Pest Management 

Seed Biology 

Plant Nutrition 

Breeding and genetics

Plant Propagation 

Plant Pathology