Statewide Recognition

Statewide Recognition


Not only does this opportunity afford you a captive audience of qualified sales staff, you will receive the following gifts in appreciation of your donation: 

  • Advanced Cannabis Science Certification for your employees

  • Your logo & back link on our 2019 sponsors page

  • A back-link on all event listings in your state

  • A dedicated newsletter campaign

  • A dedicated social media campaign

  • A podcast interview with the employee of your choice

  • A blog interview on SativaScienceClub.Com

  • A dedicated blog promo on TheWeedBlog.Com

  • Your merch & collateral at all events in your state

  • An optional curated gift giveaway during all events in your state

    This is an incredible promotion value that you will not find at an outside marketing agency. Tap into an audience full of budtenders across Oregon and beyond. Align yourself with the cause, and show the world that you care about access to education for all.