SSC Safe for Retailers

SSC Safe for Retailers


The Safe With SSC Campaign is intended to point the general public in the direction of educated and trustworthy dispensaries. Organizations who send at least 5 of their budtenders through our FREE Safe with SSC training receive our university crest decal to proudly display in their retail window.

In an effort to let the public know who we are and what to look for, we will be hosting a variety of community education events. These gatherings are designed to spread knowledge about the initiative while providing bite-sized pieces of cannabis science.

They also offer the perfect platform for cross-promotion with participating dispensaries. While you could hold off and send your budtenders to our SSC Safe training for free, our sponsors receive a wealth of additional benefits. In exchange for helping us cover the cost of our FREE budtender training events (to raise the bar for the industry as a whole), you will receive:   

  • FREE budtender training for your team
  • A 2018/ 2019 Safe With SSC decal for your storefront window
  • Your logo & backlink on our retail partners page
  • A co-branded Pay it Forward giveaway 
  • A dedicated Newsletter shoutout
  • A dedicated Social media shoutout 
  • Your name on our 2018/2019 Safe With SSC banner at events
  • An open invitation to hand out your collateral & merch at all SSC community events over the 2018/2019 school year
  • Preference for gifts & giveaway donations
  • Preference for Pop-Up table visits 
  • Preference for Senior day visits
  • & additional offers throughout the year! 

This is an incredible promotion value that you will not find at an outside marketing agency. Reach an untapped demographic of curious cannasseurs and Show the world that you are SSC Safe.