E001: How To Prioritize In 3 Easy Steps

Welcome to episode one of the Cannabis Business Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host Brandie Bee ~ Founder of the cannabis leadership accelerator Sativa Science Club and creator of the #ElevatedAdvocate movement on IG. 

In these actionable mini-podcasts, my goal is to help you increase your credibility, grow your influence, and make your impact in the cannabis industry. 

And I’m just going to jump in with both feet! In today’s episode, we’re talking about the number one complaint I hear from new entrepreneurs in our community, and it goes something like this… “Brandie, when I decided to start a business, I had no idea it was going to be this complicated, and I’ve never been so busy. Everything feels equally important. How am I supposed to prioritize what I should REALLY be doing to grow my company.” If this hits home for you, stay tuned because I’m about to share three steps to help you prioritize like a pro in the cannabis industry.

Here’s the deal. I know it feels overwhelming right now, you may have even convinced yourself that no one understands just how much pressure you’re under to pull this all off for the success of your company. And, if you’re not careful, you can fall into the trap of thinking that you are the only person who can get it all done, and it all needs to be finished right now, today, this week. 

I’ve done it myself, and you know what, it’s not a pretty scene. You get stuck in this mode, and before you know it your to-do list is a mile long, you’re working your buns off 17 hours a day seven days a week, you’re not eating, you’re barely moving, and you’re probably not spending much time with friends and family. You started a business for freedom, and that is the exact opposite of what your experiencing. But, by this point, your reputation is on the line, and you’re in too deep. 

If this sounds familiar, then you, my friend, are riding a one-way ticket to burnout, and it’s time to shake up your routine. 

So I have a challenge for you, and that is to think about the difference between what’s urgent and what’s essential for you to this week. Here’s what I mean:

Would you rather be effective at what’s important or be efficient at what’s not in your company? 

It’s so easy to assume that those emails need to be taken care of right here and now. That when the phone rings, it needs to be answered immediately. But If you get so caught up in the instant gratification of others, you’re going to quickly lose sight of the purpose behind what you’re doing. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed with menial tasks I want you to make a decision;

Is it more important for you to do a bunch of unimportant things quickly to get them off your plate or to do the important things slowly to get you where you need to be? 

Here are a few tips from one of my favorite mindset coaches Brendon Burchard. I can’t even begin to tell you how invaluable these three simple thought processes have been for me: 

  1. Stop prioritizing easy: A lot of people seem to think that knocking off the easy tasks on their do list is going to create momentum. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it may actually stop you from doing what counts. If you’re finding that your day is filled with busy work (instead of your life’s work), remember that just because there is some low hanging fruit, it doesn’t mean you need to eat it. The things you do in your day should nourish your life. Increase your enjoyment and inspire the contributions you want to make to society. If you want to find optimum health and balance in life and business, you need to ask yourself, “What should I do today that will move me forward toward my dreams?” The trick here is to stop prioritizing easy and start prioritizing progress. PLUS, by making a commitment to take on something hard every day, you gain more confidence, momentum, and meaning.

  2. Stop prioritizing false emergencies: And this one is maybe the most challenging, but it was a life-changer for me. Here’s the deal, you don’t have to re-prioritize your life’s work and aspirations to handle someone else’s emergency. It’s up to you to prioritize what will move you forward and say no to everything else. Listen, You owe nothing to anybody. I’ll say it again for the people in the back... It’s ok to say no because you don’t owe anything to anybody! By focusing on what’s important to you and making sure you accomplish that first, you leap forward in life. So live your truth and serve your highest good. If you focus on making the contributions to the world that truly make your heart sing, your clients and community will naturally gravitate toward your magnetic leadership personality. 

  3. And this was a hard one for me. If your an altruistic entrepreneur like I am, your goal is to help people, and you instinctively aim to please. But it’s impossible to give everyone what they want when they want it. You have to sacrifice that immediate gratification of a few people now so you can support many people later. Even if it means losing a few at the beginning. 

  4. Start prioritizing freedom: You have the potential to experience more emotional, physical, social, financial, and time freedom every day. Whether it’s a 20-minute meditation that makes you feel alive and connected, a health practice for cultivating more energy or time breaks in your day where dream up and develop your next significant contribution to society. You can pack your days with meaning. It’s up to you to prioritize your health and wellbeing. And, let me tell you, you are no good to ANYBODY if you’re not taking care of your mind, heart, and body. 

And I know you’re probably thinking, “ok, that’s nice and all, but how is this going to help me this week?”

So I’m going to give you some homework. Here’s what I want you to do. First, bust out a pen and paper. 

Write down your goals for the next three months. And I mean EVERYTHING from doctors’ appointments, responding to emails, paying the bills, taking the kids to school. Write down EVERYTHING that’s on your plate this season. 

Next, decide what’s most essential and put a star next to these items. And I’m not talking about nonnegotiables (like weddings and holiday gatherings) or even the little daily to-dos. I’m talking about the tasks that will actually move you closer to your big-picture/ long term dreams. If you’re trying to build brand credibility, maybe that’s scoring one podcast interview a month for 2020. If you’re hoping to improve your sales, maybe that’s re-working your website copy and making a mindblowing lead generation funnel for your subscribers to read. Yes, customer service and production are important. But they do not directly move you towards your dreams and, if we’re honest, you can easily outsource these things on the cheap. I want you to put a star next to the things that will directly move you ahead in life and business and bring a genuine sense of satisfaction and success to your company. 

When you’ve done that, cross off anything that’s not a starred priority (don’t worry, they will get done one way or another). But if they do not move you towards your end goal, go ahead and cross them off your list. Remember, this is just a piece of paper, and it’s not going to hurt you or anyone to do this even if it feels funny! Don’t be afraid. Just start crossing off the stuff that doesn’t really matter. It’s so liberating!)

Next, pick the #1 priority for the month. What is one thing you can accomplish in the next four weeks?

Then, pick four important tasks to get you to that goal and plan to focus on one of these tasks each week. 

Now you have some real momentum! Plan out your next three months this way. Choose your one major priority each month and four tasks that will help you crush that priority each week. 

And start tackling your to-do list 60/40. Spend 60% of your time, energy, and focus on the tasks that will get you closer to what matters (the important stuff) and the other 40% of your time doing the little (“urgent”) things. 

I promise that once you start making more significant strides towards your personal goals, the rest will become easy.  

That’s all for today’s episode, but I sincerely encourage you to put these little tips into practice. I guarantee that you will begin to see results in the way that you think, feel, and move through the day. When I come back for episode two, I’m going to take this all one step farther and share with you the number one technique that I use to help me crush my to-do list and stay focus on what’s important every week.



Prioritize Like A Genious by Brendon Burchard~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDAYUN92i70&t=570s


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