Top notch cannabis  nerdiness, networking opportunities, and professional development events.


Sativa Science Club members are more than enthusiasts. We are a dedicated community of curious minds with a real passion for advocacy, accuracy, and access to education. We believe in the power of cannabis and its ability to heal the earth and we have made its protection and proliferation a way of life.  We gather each Monday at Jupiter Hotel in Portland Oregon for classes, workshops, networking events, study groups, book clubs, and more. We adjourn for harvest September - October and return over the winter months for social events and special research opportunities. Here are just a few advantages of Annual Membership.


Cannabis Science Certification

Every SSC member begins their journey with our Cannabis Science Certification.  This five series 20 module program explores rudimentary through intermediate topics including: botany, compounds, the ECS, consumption methods, and compassionate client care. Businesses with 3 or more certified members earn a University Crest to display on products, websites, or in their retail establishment window.  Individuals earn a certificate of completion and E-badge. The perfect addition to your resume! 


Training Library Access

We've got a lovely little collection of resources to share with you and we are just getting started. Annual Members receive unlimited access to our growing library.  The perfect tool kit for professional development or employee onboarding.


Expert Guest Speakers 

Following Certification, Members move on to explore 25 additional credits taught by a rotating cast of highly esteemed guest speakers. Join Oregon's leading industry experts as they share their wisdom on a broad and beautiful array of topics. 

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lecture variety  

SSC lectures are an unmatched experience. Students have the opportunity to connect and engage with subject matter in a professional university setting.  This holistic program is socially and environmentally conscious and includes science, compliance, law, personal health, ambassadorship, mission based management, and social justice topics. 


Industry events 

SSC is truly a community effort. Throughout the year Members have the opportunity to participate in a series of exclusive tours, behind the scenes filed rips, hands on workshops, and more. Be sure to check out the amazing list of collaborators that make it all happen.  


Beautiful Campus 

Since the day it opened in 2004, Jupiter Hotel has supported the local community through its partnerships with small businesses. They have remained at the forefront of cannabis tourism by promoting conscious consumption through their cannabis package and engaging with the industry through events and trade shows.  Together we hope to bring you the best in cannabis education and entertainment.  


Professional Development opportunities

While we do offer a variety of professional development activities to the general public, Annual Members enjoy additional perks like private event invites, VIP access to industry events, business boot camps, job seekers clinics, and exclusive networking opportunities.