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Cannabis has always brought people together in community, We're just following it's lead. When you participate in our online cannabis trainings, you become part of a global initiative dedicated to cannabis education, leadership, and advocacy.  

Find Your Cannabis Industry Career

It’s time to pair your professional interests with the business potential of the cannabis industry. No matter your field—if you’re a health coach, educator, yogi, creative, or anything in between—you’re working hard to make a difference in your community. Sativa Science Club provides comprehensive cannabis science and business trainings to help you bridge the gap between health-conscious entrepreneurship and cannabis advocacy.




Discover cannabis science  from cell to seed. If you love to learn about cannabis botany, compounds, health, and well being we will catch you up to speed and keep you up to date on the latest findings. 


Stay motivated and moving ahead with weekly marketing, media, productivity, and project management tips. If you've got a heart-centered business in the cannabis industry, we're here to help you succeed.


At the end of the day, the cannabis industry is all about outreach! Join us for thoughtful strategies that will help you establish trust and stand out as a leader in your community.  

You Might Be Wondering

Sativa Science Club is a grass roots education initiative coordinated and directed by our Founder Brandie Boudreau. While Brandie is not a scientist herself, rigorous study is at the corner stone of the Sativa Science Club philosophy. 

As  a requisite to participation on our science writing team, contributors must hold a Masters degree (or equivalent study) in the fields of botany, biology, genealogy, horticulture, psychology, neurology, and/or chemistry.

Before making it to publication, all of our material is then peer-reviewed and approved by a second expert holding an M.D or Ph.D in a related field of study.

To ensure that our material is always third party and free of potential bias from contributing authors, we do not partner with individuals who have a vested interest in cannabis industry products or companies. 

Our business programs are written by our Founder Brandie who holds a few degrees and certifications in the fields of community health education, business management, leadership, and marketing. However, we often feature guest interviews with MBA graduates, successful entrepreneurs, and respected leaders in the cannabis industry.  

There are currently no accredited third-party bodies in the cannabis industry. If anyone attempts to tell you that you'll be nationally accredited as a certified cannabis expert, pack up your pencil box and get to stepping. Until federal legalization opens up this is just not a possibility. However, we do issue certificates of completion once you have finished each program in our Signature Series. These are not intended to replace a degree. They are simply to prove that you've gone the extra mile to learn and grow as part of the Sativa Science Club community.

As Sativa Science Club is one of the largest and fastest growing education resources in the cannabis industry, many employers recognize us as a prestigious cannabis training. Our members often find that employment opportunities come easily as a direct result of participation. 

Sativa Science Club is the among the most respected cannabis communities in the industry. Unlike the overwhelming majority of cannabis colleges and online cannabis universities, we reach beyond the virtual classroom to foster a community of compassionate, confident, and goal oriented leaders.

When you join Sativa Science Club, you become part of a global network of enthusiasts who share your passion for community health education and outreach.

Even better? You will know, with great certainty, that your peers  are well researched advocates who take their studies seriously.

Our community centered programs acts as a networking hub for busy entrepreneurs who want so much more than a slap-dash certificate training. Sativa Science Club isn't just a "cannabis school" it's a global initiative to normalize cannabis use and balance the scales of justice for the cannabis industry. 

PLUS, as you are likely aware, science moves quickly! You can take a course today, and everything you learn can change in the span of a week. To be the very best that we can be, we are always looking for new ways to update and change outdated information in our training. Once you enroll in a Sativa Science Club program, you will receive those updates for life. Completely free!

While our courses may only be a few months a piece, once you're in, you're a member for keeps. Over the years, we will continue to cultivate an experience that helps you take meaningful action in your life, and in advocacy.

Join Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Making an Impact In The Cannabis Industry

The best part of Sativa Science Club is our global network of passionate, driven, and creative industry leaders. Whether you’re brand new to the cannabis world or well established and looking for new ways to succeed, Sativa Science Club will help you gain the skills you need to impact meaningful change, and then challenge you to get out there and make a difference in your community.


And stay up to date on our latest podcasts, videos, events, and freebies.


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