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Hi, I'm Brandie Bee

Creator Of Sativa Science Club Where Cannabis Advocates Become Online Entrepreneurs.


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Sativa Science Club Is An Online Business Accelerator For Socially Conscious Cannabis Advocates

Because you want so much more than a cannabis company, you want to educate, empower, and uplift with your online services and offerings. Every year, we welcome hundreds of members into our signature science and business programs Elevated Advocacy and Elevated Entrepreneur

Unlock The Ultimate
Resource Guide 

For Online Canna-Business!

Starting a canna-business is complicated. Not only are there licences and regulations to consider, but with so many software and subscription options out there, it's hard to know who to trust with your investment. Join my VIP list to unlock The Ultimate Resource Guide. A comprehensive collection of my favorite tools for every stage of your business.  


Then Spark Up, Kick Back, And Tune In To Cannabis Business Made Easy

Quick, actionable business tips to help you go farther faster in the cannabis industry. 

Join me for expert advice, mini execution plans, and actionable strategies. I'm sharing all of the behind-the-scenes secrets of my own flops and wins in the cannabis industry! Join my VIP list and get a fresh new episode every week. 


E010: Is It Possible To Start A Cannabusiness With No Money?

E009: 5 Things To Think About Before You Start Your Cannabusiness

E008: A Few Quick And Easy Website Tweaks For Stronger Leads

E007: How To Outsource Your Way To Happiness

E006: Knowing What To Do Is Not Enough

E005: 3 Steps To Boost Your Cannabis Industry Credibility

Join Thousands of Advocates Making An Impact Worldwide.

Whether you’re brand new to the cannabis world or looking for new ways to succeed, we'll give you the skills you need to grow your business and challenge you to make a difference in your community. Join my VIP list to stay up to date on my latest podcasts, enrollment opportunities, and freebies.