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A Little Love From Our Community

Check out what our growing community of cannabis advocates are saying about SSC...

"After being diagnosed with cPTSD, I believe Cannabis education is a basic human right. Without this plant I wouldn’t be who I am today! Sativa Science Club helped empower me on my educational journey, I felt confident speaking to others about the science behind this wonderful plant. No one mentioned how exhausting it is being a Cannabis Entrepreneur, but the online modules made it easy for me to check in at my own pace. Thank you so much SSS for helping me confidently teach with GreenThumb and speak to communities about Medical Marijuana with Herbology/Grassroots Cannabis. https://www.instagram.com/wearegreenthumb/"

Calan Ma’lyn
Founder, GreenThumb Education

"I found Sativa Science Club soon after becoming a medical cannabis patient. As someone with a passion for science, I was impressed with the breadth of the program and how comprehensively each topic was covered. Elevated Advocacy has given me fundamental knowledge to expand upon with my own consultancy to help the cannabis industry with digital strategy and science writing, with a focus on healthcare. It’s been an amazing experience, and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me! https://thesinsemillier.life/ "

Christine Frost
The Sinsemillier

"I joined the sativa science club after I discovered them in January 2019. I had listened to some podcasts and we had just legalized medical marijuana in my state of Oklahoma. I worked in a cbd lab processing cbd into lotion and educating my community on the healing of cannabis. I took all the knowledge I acquired this year and am now a licensed cannabis processor making cannabis suppositories. Thank you sativa science club for all the time you put into your course. The up to date information I'm able to share gives me credibility in my beloved green industry. - Kimberly Campbell- Sacred Flower, sacredflowerkimberly.com, @kimberly_loves_cannabis "

Kimberly Campbell
Founder, Sacred Flower

"Luscious! Powerfully rendered site, which captivates, and draws the visitor into a culture that makes the goddess, Shiva, herself, both proud and honored. The newsletter is spot-on, with informative and pertinent articles, exemplifying the re-emergence of Cannabis culture. The Elevated Advocacy Program inspires me engage and participate, that I might take my skills to the next level in both advocacy work and accurate scientific information. My particular advocacy interest is burdened with ties to Federal regulations, restricting its effectiveness and precluding others from participating in any part of this Cannabis culture. This a misjustice which must, at some point, be corrected. This correction is part of my advocate role. Cannabis culture and cultivation rights should available to all, and with those rights, there should be support groups and organizations for empowering all individuals to meet their needs. Sativa Science Club is a leading example of such an organization. Check it out...the site is good for both the eyes and the spirit."

Rick Thomas
Cannabis Enthusiast

"These folks offer great content on their Instagram page , so they're worth following just for that! They not only provide fantastic cannabis related information, but they also offer a lot of motivation and inspiration to help you commit to personal growth and well being. I'm hoping to become an Elevated Advocate through them soon so that I can make sure to bring the most up-to-date knowledge to my community. I work with women with anxiety (and all its co-occuring issues) and it can be tricky to find the ideal dose and form of cannabis for them to use. I also teach classes to help remove the stigma around cannabis and get people to think of it as just another (super powerful) herb. The more knowledge I can bring to this work, the more effective I can be to encourage people to use cannabis to improve their own well-being (and in turn, improve our collective well-being as a planet!) Edited to respond to SSC: Yes, I would love to see any science or information as to why cannabis triggers an anxiety response in some people. I have my theories, but I'd love to see any science behind it!"

Stephanie Boucher
Business Owner & Cannabis Enthusiast

"The Sativa Science Cannabis Club is on the forefront of the Cannabis industry - educating leaders and advocates. I first heard of the club while listening to the Periodic Effects Podcast with Emma Chasen. Since then, I have found the Sativa Science Club to be an abundant source of information for all things cannabis. Not to mention their instagram page has an aesthetic that keeps you coming back for more! As the founder of Kiwicann, a source of information specifically for the emerging New Zealand cannabis Industry, the Sativa Science Cannabis club has continuously inspired me. I believe being apart of the Elevated Advocacy program would allow Kiwicann to further flourish. There are two main reasons for this: 1. I would be better able to create meaningful and factual content for my Kiwi followers and continue to fight the stigma surrounding cannabis. 2. It would lend some more legitimacy to Kiwicann as an importer/retailer and consultancy business moving forward to long term goals."

Jessica Sagar
Founder, KiwiCann

"Being a hemp skin care company founder who focuses a lot on education and destigmatization of cannabis, I absolutely love SSC. Their content is clear and accurate and helps others learn about cannabis. There is so much misinformation being spread, and I always look to SSC to provide the truth. Their integrity alone makes them elevated above the rest. Everyone should look to SSC for clear concise information about everything cannabis. You’ll definitely learn something, even if you’re in the cannabis space, as I am. I look forward to taking their courses! Thank you Sativa Science Club! ❤️🌞"

Kristin Sunny Moore
SATVA Botanicals

"As someone with a botanical education and experience, I love the technical knowledge that SSC provides (easily understood by those not versed in the -ologies as well). The most important thing for the industry at the moment is to change the negative stigma associated with the cannabis plant. SSC joins education and advocacy with credibility and professionalism, propelling the rebranding movement forward."

Erin Hickey
Herbalist & Cannabis Enthusiast

"This is an unique, insightful and fun program. Whether you work in the industry, are a patient, or just plain love the cannabis plant, it is more than worth your time. BTW, I am an edibles and topicals designer, so I hopefully know what I'm talking about, and I've loved every session I have been able to attend."

William J. Stewart
Cannabis Enthusiast

"I have taken many online & in-person cannabis educational courses in the last 3 years in my quest to be a reliable 1-on-1 consultant and community educator. Sativa Science Club's curriculum is hands down, THE best. I recently signed up for their 'Research like a Boss' online course which teaches educators how to qualify the over abundance of (mis)information online. I highly recommend this course if you want to be a leader in this industry."

Laurie Morton Light
VP of Sales at Daytrip Beverage Co.

"We LOVE SSC ! Their wisdom and hard-work comes through in every lesson, making it apparent that these educators not only know their subject, they know how to spread the knowledge of this miraculous healing medicine, so in turn arm their students with the power to advocate and educate. The positive facts about Cannabis are indisputable, and I want to be a part of spreading the word."

Wendy S
Founder, River Rose Healing

"I discovered SSC from the ganjapreneur podcast and was impressed by how well versed the founders are in the science. SSC is an inspiration and helped me advance my career with the confidence I needed in an emerging industry."

Natalie Mendoza
Cannabis Enthusiast

"Exceptional cannabis education from the perspective of growing advocates up in knowledge to promote responsible use of this healing herb."

Cullen’s Tannery Pub
Founder, Cullen’s Tannery Pub

"I love sativa science club because there is no where else I can go exclusively to find any and all information on cannabis. I look forward to level of education that they generate!"

Kathryn Randall
Cannabis Enthusiast

"What I love about Sativa Science Club is all the content it provides. Not only are their photos beautiful and enticing to see in my feed, but also the information about the facets of cannabis and its benefits! IG @aesthleete"

Chrissy Lee
Cannabis Enthusiast

"Discovering Sativa Science Club a few months ago has taken my curiosity and confidence in cannibis to new levels. I love how they curate educated knowledge so well with inspiration and aesthetics. This pretty plant isn’t just for looks or stoners, and Sativa Science Club shows us why."

Heather Olson
Cannabis Enthusiast

"I am so glad to have found Sativa Science Club. Living in Montana there is still so much stigma, and I find that incredibly unfortunate because I have personally benefitted greatly from the healing powers of cannabis. I hope to participate in the Elevated Advocacy program to bring hard scientific research to the forefront, rather than relying on anecdotal information. I'd like to start a networking event of some kind here in Montana to help our budding cannabis community stay up to date on the latest research and begin to invite more sharing and caring as we move forward."

Alexandria Sangray
Cannabis Advocate

"It's so cool to be able to find a place like this so dedicated to education. Coming from a tiny place in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, I am so excited to enroll in classes and be able to share my knowledge with my community."

Meghan Shuttleworth
Cannabis Enthusiast

"I first heard Mary J Poppins speak on the Periodic Effects podcast and I was impressed with her knowledge and passion for plant medicine and her eloquent and honest way of educating about cannabis science. Since then, I’ve been following her story and it has been a dream of mine to study under her as an elevated cannabis advocate. I completed the “research like a boss course” and I dream of meeting her and her team one day and bringing her research skills to my community and educating about the scientific benefits of cannabis. Onwards and upwards!"

Stacy Bobak
Cannabis Advocate

"Sativa Science Club is a pioneer in Cannabis education and the best comprehensive training program out there focused on healthy, safe consumption. It's a trusted resource for me as a public health educator and ganjapreneur, my mission is to uplift the consciousness within marginalized communities about the healing power of plants. I hope to expand my knowledge on cannabis and the conversation to better serve our communities with quality information. I love the authentic content and please keep highlighting all the powerful women leading this movement."

Terra Luvin
Cannabis Enthusiast

"Sativa Science Club is not only visually beautiful content on social media, it’s so much more. I love little information articles they write under each post, which I can share with my patients and friends. I started reading about Cannabis and its benefits about a year ago. It’s truly fascinating how helpful it can be in my scoop of practice and my personal life. I’ve been doing a lot of research on my own, but it would be nice to receive thorough education and become cannabis educator in my community."

Caroline Tochtcheva
Cannabis Enthusiast

"Love this company! They are friendly. They really care about cannabis and want to help people educate themselves. I love their content too so clean and easy to understand. I’m always excited to see what they do next! 💚💚💚"

Kimberly Slader
Cannabis Enthusiast

"I love how Sativa Science Club showcases cannabis advocacy and advocates, helping to expand the perception of cannabis as medicine and the legitimacy/urgency of being on the front lines of upholding cannabis’ value to humanity and the Earth. Sativa Science Club is bringing balance to the cannabis industry with real science and passion just as cannabis is helping bring balance to humans and the Earth. I plan to share the wisdom that I experience from Sativa Science Club with my community to further spread the web of healing—awareness."

Gregory Meredith
Cannabis Enthusiast

"I love that Sativa Science Club offers factual based science courses. I am a cannabis professional who primarily works with elderly and the retired community. I would love to further my knowledge of cannabis, retail sales and elder care with the courses that Sativa Science Club offers. Our elderly community can benefit GREATLY from the recreational and medicinal benefits of cannabis and I would love to lead a movement that can teach and educate the community."

Tanya Lacher
Cannabis Enthusiast

"Their Intro to cannabis courses have been amazing and I'm so happy such an awesome education source is now available for everyone. Big things to come from these awesome ladies!"

Lisa Hopkins
Co Founder Cush Cart

"The Sativa Science Club is more than the best cannabis education program I've come across... It's an engaging community of devoted advocates spreading their knowledge and helping those with similar passions."

Branden Thomas

"Love the classes offered! This is the real thing, education from a scientific and herbalist standpoint. Keep it coming."

Angela Hayworth Riley

"I recommend SSC to absolutely anyone interested in educating themselves and others on the history, science and future of cannabis in our society."

Jenna Gragg
Cannabis Enthusiast

"A great way to get educated in this every expanding world of Sativa Science"

Trista Vrooman
Cannabis Enthusiast

"Following Sativa Science Club has enlightened, empowered and helped me cultivate an new culture of cannabis in my local community by giving me the motivation to further delve into educating myself and others I come in contact with. As a budtender and fellow advocate having the ability to gain any educational information from a reliable source is important. The content is always simple, easy and estheticly pleasing. I wish most days I wasn't in student loan debt so I could advance my ability to educate my community; until then I'll keep absording everything you send me in my newsletter!! Highly recommend following them on Facebook & Instagram as well as signing up for the news letter. In a highly competitive, under educated, rapidly growing industry we need sources like Sativa science club to help provide reliable, updated information. I'm a firm believer that budtender every where should be required some form of education; our communities are in need of more help and we cannot provide the depth of what the want. We need to stay in our scope of practice, yet there isn't one established and a lot of false information gets passed along. #educatebeforeyoumedicate #educatebeforeyourecreate #educationispower"

Cannabis Enthusiast

"This young lady has what it takes to be a top educator for the industry."

Chris Baldwin
Cannabis Enthusiast

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