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If you're reading this, It's a safe bet that you're starting to get serious about pursuing your dreams in the cannabis industry. Luckily, our number one goal is to create comprehensive trainings and resources that help you bridge the gab between entrepreneurship and advocacy. If you're out there making a difference in your community, we're here to see to it that you have the support you need. Join us for cannabis science, leadership, and business training or become a Canna-Leader VIP. 


"Not only do I feel more confident in my own cannabis knowledge, but I have a better understanding of what the industry really needs. Using what I've learned in my online marketing business has helped me make better content with a noticeable increase in engagement ratings. My clients are already seeing results and It just feels good to be a part of such a meaningful community. "

-Camilla Greenly
  Freelance Social Media Marketer

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Download the cannabis journal that our award winning advocates use to keep track of their health and well-being. The Little Joint Journal is designed to help you select the best cannabis chemovar for your unique lifestyle and needs. 


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The best part of Sativa Science Club is our global network of passionate, driven, and creative industry leaders. Whether you’re brand new to the cannabis world or well established and looking for new ways to succeed, Sativa Science Club will help you gain the skills you need to impact meaningful change, and then challenge you to get out there and make a difference in your community. 

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